Cursing (American english) Hi, there I am trying to learn US slang and I am having some trouble with “mild insults” for women. When it comes to men, there’s no shortage of bad words: jerk, jackass, douchebag, bastard. But what about women? I keep hearing “bitch”, but I was looking for something different, maybe something a little less insulting, a “family-friendly kind of curse word”. Could you give me a few suggestions? What could I say ? “You little...”? Thank you
Oct 6, 2019 12:53 PM
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It is dangerous to try to use bad language in something that isn't your native language. Even in their native language, people make mistakes. They misjudge the social situation. They offend people or hurt their feelings. Let me turn it around. I'm learning Spanish. Would you give me some suggestions on Spanish I can use in Colombia that would be a "mild insult" to a woman? ¿Tu crees sería una buena idea para mi referir a una mujer colombiana, usando una palabra con un poquitita de groseria? ¿En mí acento estadounidense? ¿Tu crees todos reiría? (Do you think it would be a good idea for me to refer to a Colombian woman, using a word that is just a little bit rude? In my US accent? Do you think everyone would laugh?)
October 6, 2019
Generally, it's just not that common to insult women in a family friendly way. Jerk is increasingly applied to women as are some other stronger insults. Every once in a while you hear a woman jokingly calling another woman a wench or a witch, but it's really pretty rare and still not in a family friendly situation. Depends on the family of course. I think it's basically from the traditional gender roles where if you're talking to a woman in a family friendly situation it wouldn't be polite to insult her. In a non family friendly situation there's less restrictions of course. Then more colorful things abound.
October 6, 2019
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