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Meaning of "Exile" in this sentence. First of all, the dialog: Arielle: Well, enchantée, Brian. Brian: Enchanté. Arielle: Will we meet again? Brian: I would like it very much if that would happen. Arriele: Well, I'm here every Friday at the close of lunch in my exile. You would simply have to be here as well. Brian: I will be then. Erielle: Good. Until next Friday then. Brian: Until next Friday. ------------------------------------- Question: What did she mean to say with "axile"? Since she's a french woman and he is fluent in French, maybe it's a french word, but I'm not sure. I would apreciate it if you provided me some example sentences. Thanks in advance.
Oct 6, 2019 3:28 PM
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Exile is an English word. Its main meaning is to be forced to leave one’s homeland, for political reasons — “The former president of the country is now living in exile in Switzerland.” It can also be used, in an exaggerated or humorous way, to refer to other situations in which a person is forced to move away from where he or she would like to be, or is isolated from friends. Does one of those meanings make sense in your story?
October 6, 2019
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