Are apply to and be suitable for interchangable at times? Swimming is suitable for different ages Or Swimming applies to different ages. Which one is correct?
Oct 9, 2019 7:51 AM
Answers · 6
Hey Jiawei, I think you want to say 游泳是一種適合很多不同年齡段的人的運動 I would translate this as "swimming is a sport that is suitable for people of all ages" Or simply 游泳適合很多不同年齡段的人 "Swimming is suitable for people of all ages" Laurence
October 9, 2019
I don’t think they can be interchangeable in your example or elsewhere. These rules apply to students only. (These rules are for students only) “Suitable” is ok, but possibly not the best. This game is suitable for anyone over age 8. (It’s appropriate for those ages) Without context, saying swimming is suitable sounds odd. Swimming is a suitable activity for people with joint problems.
October 9, 2019
Hi Jiawei Swimming is suitable for different ages...is the correct one
October 9, 2019
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