I have some problems with these sentences I have put in majuscule those words I consider tricky to my level, could you please give me a hand? 1) She doesn’t BAT AN EYELID when asked to tell us her typical fee 2) A popular term in Australia and New Zealand that embraces PUTTING DOWN those who are SHOWY about their wealth or status. 3) “But to say you’d spent the same money on two Lamborghinis – YOU WOULD PROBABLY GET A BIT LAUGHED AT! 4) I would definitely tell my friends that we've been out travelling or, you know, SHOW IT OFF on Instagram or Facebook 5) Swedes whose personal achievements STAND OUT have started to feel more comfortable making their success public _____________ Thank you for your time!
Oct 9, 2019 8:16 PM
Answers · 7
She doesn't BAT AN EYELID. (She responds before she can blink. Immediately. Right away) A popular term in Australia and New Zealand that supports PUTTING DOWN (Making them feel like they are 'lower' than you) those who are (Flaunt. Show off. Brag.) their wealth or status YOU WOULD PROBABLY GET A BIT LAUGHED AT (Haha at you) SHOW IT OFF ( Flaunt. Brag. "I'm better than you") personal achievements STAND OUT (Their Achievements are better, or the best, and it clearly shows.) (If 1 person stands and 100 people sit, 1 person would 'stand out'. If 1 person runs and 100 people walk, 1 person would 'stand out')
October 9, 2019
Your capital words are fine, but here are a couple of suggestions: 1. She didn’t... 2. Incomplete sentence
October 10, 2019
Thank you Michael Jose! The alternative number 3 is precisely that I found: the key word "laughingstock"
October 9, 2019
Hello Andrés! 1.) This sentence isn't parallel. If you are telling a story that happened in the past, I suggest saying it like this: "She wasn't surprised at all when asked about the usual fee." "She didn't flinch when asked about her standard fee." 2.) "A popular term in Australia and New Zealand that supports humiliating those who unreasonably flaunt their wealth or status." 3.) "...You would probably be the laughingstock." 4.) "...Brag about it on Facebook or Instagram." 5.) "Swedes with outstanding personal achievements..." Hope this helps. Cheers!
October 9, 2019
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