How to say ‘It is over my budget’ I want to buy something but it is too expensive. How do I say ‘It is over my budget’ in Korean?
Oct 10, 2019 4:05 AM
Answers · 2
jessica 님의 해석이 맞아요! 그런데 좀 더 가벼운 표현으로 표현하자면 "나 돈 없어" "나 돈 다 떨어졌어" "나 거덜났어" "나 거지야" "나 이번달 용돈 다 떨어졌어" 등으로 표현할 수 있어요 :)
October 10, 2019
I am just a beginner so I'm not sure if it is correct, but I will say 「이것은 내 예산을 벗어났습니다.」
October 10, 2019
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