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Some sentences that I can't understand :( 1. Up next in our evolving video strategy? ->Does it mean the same with "What's up next in our evolving video strategy? 2. what would you have it? ->I don't get the meaning of this sentence and in what situation it's usually used. 3. But never to touch never to keep it. ->It's a line from the song, "Let her go" by Passenger. 4. Any instant now all that you know and see and love could end. ->Does "any instant now" means the same with "at any time"? 5. I see these photographs and think: This is their story. Her story. Not mine. I am in it, but only thanks to some oozy zygotic cataclysm one dark millisecond many years ago. ->There are two parts that I can't understand : The meaning of 'I am in it' and 'one dark millisecond many years ago' I need your helps, native speakers! :)
Oct 11, 2019 10:56 AM
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1 needs more context. It's possibly 'what we/they will play next'. I don't think it's 'what', as that might make it a question. 2 doesn't make sense. Again, what's the context? 3 There is no 'it' in the lyrics I read, and it doesn't make sense with 'it'. It's referring to 'her'. You see her in your dreams, but of course you can't touch her or keep her. 4 Yes, sort of, but more 'probably very soon'. 5a I am in it = I am part of their/her story. 5b I think the whole sentence is referring to the writer's conception. They are referring to the instant (millisecond) when it happened. I guess most conceptions happen in the dark? Or it could be suggesting that it was a dark/bad moment for them. It's not clear. 'years ago' suggests the writer isn't young.
October 11, 2019
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