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What is "Logistics" mean here? organization? He would also talk to defense ministers, as he told an audience at Princeton in 2010, because they were the ones still in power after the heads of state stepped down, four or eight years later, and because of their access to logistics. Logistics is power. Remember what Paul Virilio wrote: “Logistics is the procedure following which a nation’s potential is transferred to its armed forces, in times of peace as in times of war.” Thanks a lot!
Oct 11, 2019 2:30 PM
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Logistics just means the process ability or organisation to move things from place to place. People, food, arms, supplies, medicines, cattle, horses. sheep, meat, vegetables, milk, water, medical equipment, engine parts, spare parts, materials for industry, oil for cars etc and armies, oil for ambulance fleets and fire engines,, , , , , and so on for everything on the planet. Logistics just means the organisation needed to transport anything from any place to any other place. "Logistics is power" It's what decides things and makes a difference in many situations. Organisation means to work together, to plan or arrange to make the logistical operation work successful. I forgot to mention you can also apply the word to organisation any event like a pop concert or or football match etc
October 11, 2019
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