Liu Haijing
The sentence is correct? I want to see pictures you photographed in italy.
Oct 11, 2019 3:06 PM
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Hey Haijing, The above comment is wrong. We'd say "I want to see the pictures (that) you took in Italy. Laurence
October 11, 2019
It's almost right. We don't photograph pictures: we TAKE pictures. (We photograph things and people - for example you might say "I photographed the Eiffel Tower when I was in Paris). So your sentence should be this: "I want to see the pictures you took in Italy." You could also say "I want to see the pictures that you took in Italy", but the 'that' is not necessary. Note that we'd probably say 'THE pictures' because you're talking about a specific set of pictures. Also note that it's Italy with a capital 'I' : names of places always have capital letters at the beginning. [Final note - ignore the sentence which @Bhuvan chander has written. It is wrong]
October 11, 2019
Hello liu, nice to hear that you are interested in learning English. Well, your sentence is incorrect, the correct one is " i want to see the pictures/photos that you clicked at italy". If you want to be perfect and fluent in English then i am here to help you out. I am an English teacher. Please take a trial class with me today.
October 11, 2019
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