distinct economies of What does "distinct economies of sensations and words" mean in the provided context below? Does it mean "the very shortage of sensations and words"? Context: While a traditional critic may attempt to translate imagery back to an initial idea, this is bound to fail due to the material ‘work’ that has been effected by the artist as well as the cultural and historical context of art itself. The best we can do is to make suggestions, create alignments, and seek connections between images and meanings, but a one-to-one correspondence is not possible due to the distinct economies of sensations and words or pictorial and material representations.
Oct 13, 2019 6:02 AM
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Hi Pineapple The Economy of Words: The art of communication using all symbolic measures afforded by technology. Or, how to communicate effectively and participate in the information economy. As it is the case in finance, using this economy of words wisely means to reap maximum benefits with minimal input. If you could drive your point home in, let's say one concise sentence instead of a wordy paragraph, you've put the economy of words to good use. According to the Chinese saying: a picture says more than a thousand words. Translating a picture to words, might not have the same effect, hence the economy of words may not have been put to good use. I hope this helps.
October 13, 2019
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