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Is this sentence too needlessly complex to be passable? I am writing a short essay and I am just shy of the character count. Without trying to cram in a whole new needless sentence, I tried rewording one to this: 疾っくに米国で過去に一人旅にもう旅行した。 I recognize this is a little weird way to simply say "I traveled America alone in the past." but I'm hoping it is not too far out. I wanted to keep katakana out as much as possible which is why I use 米国 and the entire essay is written casually so I'd rather not go back and switch in a bunch of ます forms. Also the particles are a little overkill I know but this sentence as is gets me exactly to the character count I'm looking for so I hope it is passable.
Oct 14, 2019 4:41 AM
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> to simply say "I traveled America alone in the past." I personally would say. 米国を一人で旅した。 米国でひとり旅をしたことがある。 米国をひとり旅したことがある。 (There is no English word for とっくに in the English sentence) if I add とっくに, it would be 米国の一人旅ならとっくに経験済み(だ)
October 14, 2019
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