Can we omit "of something" in "make light of something" and does it mean the same thing? A French man is explaining about his condition, ennui, which basically means you're in a bad mood or depressed, and the woman who always likes to fool around with people is kind of mocking him in a joking manner. Man: ...Usually that is fine, but today, I'm sorry, I have ennui. Woman: So you're sleepy? Man: It's a metaphysical angst. Woman: So, you wanna go beddy-bye? Man: You *make light*, it increases my ennui. Now, I'm not sure what "make life" means here. Does it mean the same things as "make light (of sth thus ennui in this context)" which is to make little of sth or something else?
Oct 14, 2019 9:18 AM
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