like what? and such as... or such as what? how to use "like what?" and "such as...? or such as what?" are they different? please give me some examples. A: I enjoy lots of sports B: Such as...? = Such as what? can I change the word to "Like what?"
Oct 15, 2019 10:54 AM
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Hi Minjeong A: I enjoy lots of sports B: Such as football, volleball, rugby, etc The differences between “such as” and “like” are very faint that people often can use both for the same sentence. But what makes them different is that like is used when talking about similarities that are indefinite or very significant Ex Peter is intelligent like Julia (or as_as obviously) Mark loves expensive smartphones like Apple and Samsung last models Such It is used to specify certain things or persons as examples when the objects of comparison are certain. Ex My sister Mary loves eating sweets such as Tiramisù and Cheesecake And as for your sentence such is also used when listing specific items Ex People such as Einstein, Ghandi and M.L.King will be always remembered
October 15, 2019
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