别动 别摸 别碰 大家好! 请问,跟孩子说“别动” ”别碰” “别摸” 有什么区别?能不能举个例子说明?在什么样的情况下我要说“别动这个”,在什么样的情况下我要说“别摸那个”?谢谢
Oct 17, 2019 7:34 AM
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1、“别动”,当你想让他们安静一点的时候,比如你想帮你穿衣服的时候; 2、“别碰”别摸“,当那个物品有一定的危险性的时候说,比如:物品会倒塌、会触电、会划伤手指等等; 3、”别摸“当物品比较脏的时候说,比如:摸了手会就能脏。
October 17, 2019
Actually, there aren’t apparent differences between these three words. In most situation, you can replace any one word by the another word. If you insist on knowing their differences, I can tell u some example. people usually say ”别动” when kids want to run around or want to move sth ,which meaning “don’t move!” “别碰”when kids or adults want to touch something delicate ,expensive or dangerous.("碰"means "touch") "别摸"is similar with "别碰" ,meaning You can't touch something .the difference from "别碰” is that “摸" means your fingers is brushing something gentlely ,likes touching the skin or face. Actually, the meanings of these three words is almost same. You don't have to tell them .You can replace everyone by another casually depending on your habits .It's totally ok. Tips: only “别动” have two meanings , one of which mean keeping still and don't run around.
October 18, 2019
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