Do You Mind Do you mind Will you mind Would you mind Do using different auxiliary verbs in this phrase depends on time? For example, I saw a sentence 'In future, do you mind taking these meetings outside of this shop?' So... it might not depend on time. Or do they express different level of politeness? Thank you!
Oct 17, 2019 10:44 AM
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Hi Aud "Or do they express different level of politeness?" is a correct guess! :) EX Do you mind...closing the door/speaking English/leaving now? comes across more harshly Would you mind closing the door/opening the window? is a polite request. Will you mind is not incorrect but not used much whilst it's more colloquial to say "do you mind" if the action is going to happen immediately
October 17, 2019
As Andrea said, they express different levels of politeness. "Would you (do) ... ?" and "Could you (do) ... ?" are almost universal as polite requests to strangers. "Will you (do) ... ?" and "Can you (do) ... ?" are casual requests to family members (and sometimes coworkers but it depends on the relationship between the coworkers).
October 17, 2019
As someone who's a native speaker but not a teacher, I had to think on this one a bit. I'd say that 'would you mind' is usually used when you are making a polite request for someone else to do something or asking if a hypothetical situation would bother someone. "Would you mind washing the dishes?" "Would you mind if I listened to music?" I feel like I most frequently hear "do you mind" in an impolite context, like if someone is chewing loudly you say "do you mind?!" to imply that you want them to stop. But it can also be used to ask someone if something bothers them that is currently happening in that moment, or that happens habitually. "Do you mind the smell?" "Do you mind when she listens to music?" I don't think I've ever heard "will you mind," it sounds kinda weird. Bear in mind that this isn't based on confident grammatical facts or anything, just my perspective as a native speaker. Hope this helps!
October 17, 2019
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