Spanish Usage Problems (bk1 1. may i know will you use these expressions in daily life? do they sound natural to you? show off a person's wealth = alardear de su riqueza seemingly = Por lo visto do the laundry in the washing machine = puse la lavadora / puse la ropa en la lavadora go out drinking = salir de copas wear (xx jacket) = usaba chaqueta con flores i need to go = tengo que marchar talked/ chatted a lot with sb = hablé/plartique mucho con sb watching television is not a good activity for both children y adults = Ver televisión no es una buena actividad tanto para niños como para adultos whether it is good or bad depends on how the people use it = si es bueno o malo depende de cómo lo use la gente soap operas =telenovelas couch potato = el teleadicto/ el mueble to escape from real life = escapar de la vida real se hallaba un muchacho se abrio paso entre el gentio to describe a person that likes to smile= ruisueno a person is todo negro = a person is pesimista 2. May I know what's the difference between the usage of (1) se ha vuelto optimista & se volvió optimista ? (2) desde ..hasta .. & de ..a .. ? 3. May i know what is the Spanish substitue for " in a way that/ in a sense that" ? e.g. people hold xx opinion "in a way that" <— for explaining purpose ? Thanks a lot for your help! Muchisimas gracias !!!
Oct 17, 2019 3:48 PM
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Wow, too many questions... It's better a call to explain these doubts
October 17, 2019
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