The meaning of these words Hi everyone, - What "signs of the supernatural" means here: "But these unfailing signs of the supernatural are partly concealed and greatly softened by the abundant foliage of a large vine overrunning the entire structure." - What "tabooed" and "challenge observation" mean: "He and his sister-in-law were rather tabooed by their neighbors, who seemed to think that they were seen too frequently together--not entirely their fault, for at these times they evidently did not challenge observation." - What "in the manner of its kind" means: "Naturally, whatever was movable about the place soon disappeared and the deserted house became "haunted" in the manner of its kind." Thanks in advance.
Oct 18, 2019 9:07 AM
Answers · 1
Hi Rawa signs of the supernatural..here there's something magic, out of this world (beauty?) tabooed...something naughty is going on here according to the neighbors (relationship?) did not challenge observation...they didn't do anything to change their neighbors' minds in the manner of its kind..rather poetic and formal means here..in its own way
October 18, 2019
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