doubts with the locative case in Türk dili I found confusing some locative examples: " Ayasofya istanbul'dadır ": The Hagia Sophia is in Istanbul.. 1- Why I sould use both -da and -dir? 2- If I just use -da will be correct? 3- the "-dadır" can be use for any locative case? like schools or houses.. or is just for City names. "Cami Ayasofya´nin solunda" The mosque is to the left of the Hagia Sophia.. 4- The suffix -nin is because? to indicate a direction? orentation? "hastane burada" The hospital is here 5- Why is incorrect to say Burası hastane? Thanks for your help!
Oct 19, 2019 2:45 AM
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1-2) The both are correct but the way of saying “ Ayasofya İstanbulda.” is informal and it’s a speaking way. In Turkish generally writing and speaking is not same. While speaking we ignore the grammars but in writing grammar is necessary. In Turkish grammar the predicates should be end of the sentences. And predicate indicates a certain statement so yeah they mostly end with the suffixes like “ -d(ı,i,u,ü)r . 3) as long as you want to mention the location of the thing and want to emphasize where is there then yeah. For example; Telefon masanın üstündedir* 4)yes, basically. 5) mi-ı-u-ü? Are question marks. If you say hastene burada it means “ the hospital is here” and if you add —mı?-Hastane bura da mı?-> is the hospitality here?
October 19, 2019
@Mike Thanks for the explanation, it is very clear. I just read the web, the link you sent me is wonderful, very well explained. Thanks a lot xx
January 2, 2020
1. The -dir is for copulative statements, and it gets used mainly for general facts (e.g. things you might find in a textbook). If it gets used for an everyday subject, it indicates doubt: Ahmet buradadır = Ahmet is (probably) here. 2. Yes, it would still be correct, and it would be more normal to say it without the -dır when speaking. The -dir gets used more often in written Turkish. 3. It can be used for any locative or any other copulative sentence, e.g. gök mavidir (the sky is blue). 4. The -nın is the possessor agreement with sol (left). Ayasofya'nın solu = the Hagia Sophia's left 5. You can say 'burası hastane'. But that would mean 'this place is a hospital' (not something else) whereas 'hastane burada' means 'the hospital is here' (not somewhere else). For more on the locative in Turkish, see <a href=""></a>;
January 1, 2020
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