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Can anyone recommend some nice Chinese music to download ? Which are the best artists ?
15. Feb 2008 17:40
Answers · 12
If you like lirica,maybe you can try Liao Changyong(廖昌永),Wu Bixia(吴碧霞) pop singers like Fan Weiqi(范玮琪),Hanhong(韩红),Mo Wenwei(莫文蔚) Wang Fei(王菲) Lun hui band(轮回乐队),they sing not bad. Some minority artists are also very nice,such as 布仁巴雅尔 from Innamongolia. I think you'd better choose some music to help you learn language well.Some pop singers pronounce words not clearly or with dialect,and some artists sing with european style,it's up to your taste:)
26. Februar 2008
Well if you like instrumental and rap, Jay Chou is a very popular artist. If you like watching taiwanese dramas, 183 Club, Fahrenheit and 5566 are pretty good bands. Popular female pop artists include Cyndi Wang, Rainie Yang, Vicky Zhao Wei, and Kelly Chan. Popular female pop group is S.H.E and Twins (they speak Cantonese and Mandarin).
18. Februar 2008
please open and chose the MP3,then type the 张学友 and can listen many songs one by one .
16. Februar 2008
It depends...which style of music do you like ^_^
25. Februar 2008
you can use youtube to search for Jay Zhou or Leehom.they are the best artists in china now.
24. Februar 2008
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