Was bedeutet dieser Satz? I'm trying to read a book in German about a ghosts. The very first page of the book has a strange sentence that I don't understand. The story is about a boy and his sister who are exploring an old graveyard. The sister enjoys that sort of activity and the boy comments on that fact. The sentence is: "Friedhöfe lassen sie immer völlig aus dem Häuschen geraten." I know most of the words, but I just can't figure out the meaning of the whole sentence. What does the expression "völlig aus dem Häuschen geraten" mean? Does that mean that the sister is very enthusiastic about graveyards or something?
Oct 19, 2019 8:28 AM
Answers · 2
They get always totally excited about graveyards. aus dem Häuschen geraten - to get excited
October 19, 2019
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