A question about vocabulary Hi everyone, I have a question about vocabulary. What word can I use to describe someone who works for my company but is not officially an employee? For example: I'm running a translation project, so I need to hire people , who may work online or on-site, to carry out the project with me. But they are not my company's employees, just someone hired for a specific amount of time. Please help me with this. Thanks a lot !!
Oct 19, 2019 9:07 AM
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I see people have answered this in the comments. I agree that "freelancer" is probably the best option. Freelance can also be an adjective, so you can talk about "freelance translators", "freelance programmers" and so so. You could also use "contractor", "consultant" or "temp". You could rank these by status: Consultant =someone with expert knowledge who advises senior members of the company. Freelancer =someone with expert knowledge who is not employed by one company but works for whoever needs them Contractor =similar to freelancer but more specific to project work (a freelancer might have more options with the kind of work they engage in) Temp =short for "temporary employee". Someone who works for an agency and gets sent to work at different companies to do other people's jobs while they are ill, in holiday or on maternity leave. Gig worker can be used too, but I don't think I'd describe a real person this way, it's more a term used when discussing the phenomenon of short term, insecure work in general.
October 19, 2019
thank you all so much for your help !
October 21, 2019
- Maybe a freelancer - if the person does not belong to the company but is for working on his/her own account - or more general, a consultant. That is how we call the people who don't belong to our company - whether they are freelancers or belong to another company.
October 19, 2019
contractor, freelance, from the gig economy, consultant
October 19, 2019
Hi Nam They should be freelancers , just like me :)
October 19, 2019
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