How to say "no problem" in japanese ? Hi! My friend just messaged me saying "フォローありがとうございます。" and I want to answer correctly to that, with a "no problem" or something similar, but I feel like "問題ない" isn't the right answer?
Oct 20, 2019 3:26 PM
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I think that "問題ない" isn't proper to answer for "フォローありがとうございます。" Here are some examples for it. どういたしまして。 ≒ No problem. / Not at all. / You are welcome. いえいえ ≒ No problem. / Not at all. またフォローしますね、 ≒ I goona click a like/recommend button on your blog/video site. or etc, again. わたしでよければ、いつでも。 ≒ I'll help you anytime if you like. "よかったです。" ≒ I'm glad for you. ”いつも応援してます。” ≒ I’ll always support you. / I'm always cheering for you. I think that these phrases + emoticons or face marks( (^^),(^o^),(^_^),(^^)/, etc.) make it more friendly. Here is a site of some examples for replying to "ありがとう".
October 20, 2019
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