Revise pls. Usage of phrasal verbs She had to abide by cruel rules by the moment she was chopped completely in the maniac's basement.(I'm amused by watching first 2 episodes of the saw) he could have abided by the contract if he had been more sensible and had got acquainted with each provision. Having ignorance and hatred as the only elements of posing her "great" attitude to her own relatives instead of being thankful, neither she did abide by their "advices" about early relationship nor their prayers not to deal with criminals The auditorium abounded with myriads of savage rats migrated there due to being unfed for 2 months The stomach, laid in the bowl, abounds with dozens of helminths which have frightened docs with further experience at medicine though. Needs in emission don't accord with its probable outcomes I didn't use to account for human's existence and fairy tales relating to afterlife in far childhood (is it correct :I hadn't use to account for atheism until I got acquainted with buddha) I've been aching for getting a visa, applying for a highly-paid job and safeguarding my own family since I accounted for the truth about endless hostilities in ukraine Attention! I do get that there's almost no sense in the aforesaid sentences. They were created only for memorizing grammar rules and have no mention of today's circumstances. Despite them being nonsense, pls concentrate your attention on grammar more than on their meanings.
Oct 22, 2019 10:04 PM
Answers · 1
Can "used to' be in the past perfect to describe existence of a habit until a period?
October 22, 2019
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