'software is good deal' or 'software is their focus' when he brags? A string of billion-dollar buyouts followed—Sunnyvale, California-based network security firm Blue Coat, financial software outfit Digital Insight of Westlake Village, California, and Herndon, Virginia’s Deltek, which sells project management software—all of which more than doubled in value under Bravo’s watch. The firm’s inaugural 2009 software-only fund posted a 44% net annualized return by the time its investments were sold, making investors four times their money and proving the wisdom of discipline and specialization. “Every time we picked up our heads to peek at a deal that wasn’t software, the software deal looked a lot better to us,” he brags.
Oct 23, 2019 12:09 AM
Answers · 1
He is bragging that the software business always seemed a better deal to them. He is boasting that other non-software deals that came up always seemed less attractive to them, and their great results with their software deals has proven them right all the time. ie. He's boasting that they have made the right decision all the time by focusing/concentrating on software deals.
October 23, 2019
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