The meaning of 贵 and so on... Hello everyone! Could anyone tell me what does 贵 mean? Google says it means expensive but I met 贵 in phase of asking about last name. For example, 您贵姓? In adition it says that 贵 can be used only with 您 and 你. So how can I ask about his/her last name? Am I right to ask 他姓什么?Or 他是姓什么?他是的姓什么? Maybe there're any ways to ask about last name? Thank you in advance! Best regards!
Oct 23, 2019 2:19 PM
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贵 means expensive and valuable. 你贵姓? means what is your valuable family name? it's a polite way, ( normal way is 你姓什么?) we usually ask "您贵姓"?to somebody which is in front of you. if you want to know the family name of somebody else, you can just ask "他姓什么?", but if he is there with you, then you can just ask him"您贵姓? BTW, in chinese names, the family name is 姓,it's in front of the frist name. example: 姚明 (姚 is family name, 明 is first name ), family name is as same as last name in English, just different order is all
October 25, 2019
Noble is another meaning, used in titles like 貴妃 imperial consort/concubine. 貴賤 the noble and the lowly. Here in this context, 貴 means "honored". So it should be translated as "What is your honourable last name?" A way of politeness to elevate that person is higher social status to show one's humility. Another example is instead of using "你多大?" (how old are you?) , the formal and polite way is 你今年貴庚? what is your honorable age?
October 24, 2019
As mentioned at the comment, it means noble.(it doesn't have to be really noble. People just use this modifier to show their politeness, and respect.) and can only be used to ask information of others , or address them/the place where these people in, usually their house or the entity where they work. ask information 您贵姓? 您贵庚?(noble version of how old are you?) to addreass 贵宅 (your place, your house) 贵所(your place, your house) 贵公司(your working place) 他姓什么? 他是姓什么? 他是姓的什么?
October 24, 2019
это как How do you do? не "Как ты делаешь?", а "Дратути!" -- непрямое значение а вообще 贵 это дорогой, драгоценный
October 23, 2019
That is true 贵 means expensive, I think 您贵姓?is a kind of respect, and is okay to ask 您贵姓 for his last name, for example he will answer 我姓李/张 or 免贵姓李/张(few people will answer in 免贵姓X, because this is a very traditional answer). And is okay to ask 您姓什么?this is the fastest way. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me.
October 23, 2019
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