english B2 tasks - help needed Dear friends, despite my efforts, I've been struggling with two english tasks and I'd be truly grateful for your help and/or explanation. Task 1: Complete the text with the words from the box in the correct form. Two words do not match any gaps. words: politics - protest - nation - elect - vote - riot A general election is a ___ matter. It always follows a campaign. The message of the campaign contains the ideas that the candidate wants to share with ___. In democratic countries, the ___ who are chosen seek positions in the government. They are ___ to represent people from their constitencies. Task 2: Which option A, B or C completes both sentences? 1. If someone is trying to ___ you at night, shout 'fire' several times. It was reported that a precious ___ had been stolen from the art gallery. a) rob b) mug c) picture 2. Who will ___ the soldiers if the war continues? Pull the ___ on the machine if you want to start it. a) arm b) support c) button 3. Employees need ___ unions to protect their rights. His cousins ___ antiques and furniture. a) fair b) display c) trade Usually tasks like these are easy for me but these two left me struggling for quite a while now. Any help will be truly appreciated.
Oct 27, 2019 7:51 PM
Answers · 3
I suggest giving us your guesses and then we can help.
October 27, 2019
national, voters, politicians, elected the best I can think of)
October 27, 2019
1/ mug has the meaning attack, perhaps there may be some precious mug, I can't imagine, but the other two words evidently don't suit at all 2/ provide weapon, a sort of a handle 3/ trade unions = workers' organizations, trade = sell
October 27, 2019
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