It vs This, that etc I don`t understand when I can use 'it' and when I can use 'this'. I watched Madagascar and King Julien tell lemurs: 'keep Mort out. It`s so annoying'. What did Julien mean 'Mort is so annoying (He is annoying)' or 'This is so annoying'? I just don`t know how say better. 'This will be cool' or 'It will be cool' when I mean a event will be cool.
Oct 29, 2019 7:10 PM
Answers · 2
Both are correct. This will be cool (the experience will be cool). It will be cool (the event will be cool). More info needed to understand conversation from movie but it seems he is saying this is so annoying.
October 30, 2019
Oh.. tough question to explain !!!
October 29, 2019
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