"much" and adjectives today i realized adjectives can not describe adjectives for example :the tea is much hot. now is it correct to say "the tea is so much hot?" what i mean is would adding things like (so,very,too..) in this specific position help? or should we say: the tea is hot very much. ? should we put very much , so much and all the things coming with much at the end like this? if you have any addition about much plz tell me there is another question that is not about much but its related to adjectives. i said i learned adjectives cant describe adjectives. i know that "very" or "so much" are adjectives. now look at this sentence: you are very beautiful isnt very describing beautiful? and the sentence : "you are so much beautiful" doesnt seem correct to not sure about " you are beautiful so much" so plzz let me know if you have my answer and help me get me out of this confusion.
Nov 1, 2019 3:57 PM
Answers · 1
Much and many are used with NOUNS. So and very with adjectives. They are called ‘quantifiers’ not adjectives. Hope this helps.
November 1, 2019
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