mediatised sleep of dreams Does "mediatised sleep of dreams" in the last line of the following context mean "media-inspired dreams"? Context: The obsolescent quality of collage makes it a valuable strategy for Stezaker, as it slows down the fast-paced fluidity of image circulation in the media. If the operations of the dream-work led Freud to the untranslatable navel of the dream, then it could be said that Stezaker’s operations of cutting into and removing parts from images parodically reverses this process, his process of subtraction almost doing violence to the image so that it can be liberated from its obsolescence and gain a new significance. Stezaker’s work shows that, while there is nothing that hasn’t been brought to the cold light of day, the materiality of collage can return the rupturing force of unconscious processes to the mediatised sleep of dreams.
Nov 3, 2019 6:21 AM
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