Questions about an item of news Sourse News: Questions: 1) “Operation Pay Dirt” (para.3): what does it mean, and what's its construction? 2) "wiretaps, eavesdropping"(pata.7): what's rhe difference between wiretap and eavesdrop? 3) "dumped cancer on the guy "(para.8): how can one be dumping cancer on others? Is this a metaphoric expression? 4) "he played audio of the some of wiretaps"(para8.): should the phrasing have been, for example, "the audio of some of the wiretps"? 5) "One dumper was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in jail"(para.10): why not "to 1 years" or "4 years"?
Nov 3, 2019 6:59 AM
Answers · 2
1) Companies, police, and armies often use code names. Ex: Project Tiger. Operation Lightning. "Pay Dirt" is a play on words because the dumpers are dumping "toxic dirt." "Pay dirt" normally means dirt with gold ore. 2) Wiretapping is an older word for cutting a physical phone line and connecting (tapping) a extra line to a listening post. Wiretapping is a specific form of eavesdropping. 3) "Dumped cancer" means dumped toxic materials with cancer-causing substances. 4) Yes, but words often omitted in speech. Sometimes, editing an article creates errors or odd word combinations when the original version was correct. 5) "2 to 4 years" means a minimum jail sentence of two years and a maximum of four years. A longer version of the sentence is "One dumper was sentenced to A MINIMUM OF 2 YEARS IN JAIL to A MAXIMUM OF 4 years in jail."
November 3, 2019
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