How to say "without (doing something)? How to say without doing something? Example: Without opening your eyes... Without translating... Without peeking.. etc
Nov 5, 2019 12:18 AM
Answers · 3
There are many ways but I don’t think there’s an expedient one as “without” in Korean. I would stick with -(하)지않고 since this works for all the examples above. •눈 뜨지 않고 (=눈 안뜨고) •번역하지 않고 (=번역 안하고) •훔쳐보지 않고 (=몰래 안보고) However you should not use it as “without” exactly. It doesn’t work this way; without your help (eg) ->너의 도움 하지 않고 =wrong 너의 도움 없이 = correct
November 5, 2019
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