تصريح و إذن ما هو الفرق بينهما؟
Nov 5, 2019 6:55 PM
Answers · 5
تصريح = Permit تصريح للمحل = Permit or License for a shop تصريح العمل = Working Permit OR تصريح = ِAnnouncement تصريح من الحكومة = Government announcement تصريح من الوزير = Statement from the minister اذن = Permission, Leave اذن بالغياب = Leave of absence باذن الله = God Willing اذن البريد = Postal money order
November 6, 2019
نعم، انا شايف الفرق، جزيل الشكر لحضرتك
November 12, 2019
the two words are very very similar. one way to understand the difference is to think as follows تصريح may be used for permissions that is valid through a time period. while إذن is like a permission to enter or leave a place or to do something. for example .. goverment gives تصريح for journalist to cover a football game but government gives إذن for citizens who wants to leave or enter the country
November 11, 2019
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