Help please Are these sentences conceived the same way? I go out on my own in the day quite often but I WOULD very rarely do it at night. I go out on my own in the day quite often but I MIGHT very rarely do it at night
Nov 6, 2019 8:46 AM
Answers · 4
The first one with 'would' is fine. The second one sounds a little odd to me. Would here is describing a habit or a tendency. Might is more used for a possibility. I usually go out for a walk at night, but I might not tonight. I usually don't go out at night, but I might tonight.
November 6, 2019
For an English exam, the "I would" is incorrect. The first clause is in the present (I go - habit in the present) and the second clause is in the past (I would do - habit in the past). With more context, "I would" could be part of a correct type 2 conditional. "...but I would go out at night if my friends invited me. But sadly, they never do because they stay home with their families." In casual speech, some native speakers use "would" as a substitute for "might."
November 6, 2019
in my opinion, in the second one, the writer is less sure
November 6, 2019
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