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请问,这句话怎么翻译? 我喜欢把人生交给命运:早上醒来我都会抛硬币,如果正面朝上,我就继续睡觉;如果背面朝上,我就躺在床上看电视。如果硬币落地后是立起来的,我就起来收拾屋子。
Feb 15, 2008 9:08 PM
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I like to live my life depending on destiny: Every morning when I wake up, I'd throw a coin; if head shows up, I'd continue to sleep; if tail shows up, I'd watch TV in bed; if the coin stands on its side after falling onto the floor, I'd get up and clean my room. ..........................
February 16, 2008
I believe my life by the fate: When I close my eyes in the morning,I throw the coin to arrange myself, I'll continue to sleep if head upward,I was lying on the bed watching TV if tail upward. I'll pick up my house If the coin stand .
February 16, 2008
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