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Why can't one delete one's own posts and comments here? This is a general question, not related to learning languages. Edits are possible, in fact posts and comments can be reduced to a single period (full stop), the mandatory single character that comes closest to a white space (which isn't admissible). However, post headings (captions) cannot be edited at all after posting. I have thought about this but to no avail, because the backup of the originals can always be retained for a specified time at server end, depending on the server storage capacity. Does anyone know why?
Nov 7, 2019 1:08 PM
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Two things I can think of. One is the developers simply didn’t put that feature at a high enough priority level to implement it. Another is that I’ve seen that feature abused on other forums and sites where it is available. If someone asks a question and people answer it honestly but not to the liking of the person asking, I’ve seen people delete questions and then what could have been useful information to others is lost. People can do the same here by putting the question in the body and not the title and then blanking it with a period as you’ve mentioned, so it’s not a really good excuse. Have you submitted it as a suggestion?
November 7, 2019
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