Can it be correct?---'Everyone look at/watch the sun rise.' I saw a sentence from my book---'Everyone look(ed) at/watch(ed) the sun rise.' My opinion: 1. I know the past tense version is grammatically correct. 2. I think the present simple form is wrong. Even though the present simple describes a fact or habit (there is only one sentence and no any context.), the verb should be 'looks/watches' because 'everyone' is singular. - Any keywords or suggestions are all welcomed. If there is anything wrong in my opinion, please help to correct it. Thank you for your attention.
Nov 9, 2019 8:26 AM
Answers · 14
I would be correct if it were an imperative. For example, if a science teacher on a field trip wanted her students to observe what happens when the sun comes over the horizon, she might say "Everyone, watch the sun rise".
November 9, 2019
Note we would usually say “watch the sunrise”. When you get up early to hike to the top of a mountain and watch the sunrise from the summit, it’s called a “sunrike” - short for “sunrise hike”.
November 9, 2019
'look' and 'regard' is correct for present tense if they meant the imperative mood. Imperative mood is giving a command or making a command or request as in "Everyone, look at the sun rise !" But if the book meant to use the indicative form of the present tense to make an observation or state a fact, then it should be 'Everyone looks at/watches the sun rise. In this mood you are not giving a request, you are making an observation or stating a fact that they all watch the sun rise. If you wanted to describe what everyone (your friends on a camping trip, perhaps) did in the past, say yesterday, then you use "Everyone looked at/watched ...".
November 9, 2019
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