Hello! I'm italian. Can you help me to correct this little text? Thanks The main topics the child with his emotions, especially when there are feelings of fear and when fear becomes real; specifically the fear of illness, linking it to the hospital context and related hospitalization. The disease will be addressed not with reference to medical care but from a pedagogical, psychological and affective point of view. From this all methods and figures that can support the little patient in this experience and some indications that must be followed by parental figures or any figure for the child is a reference. Essential figures in the paediatric department, such as professional educators, allow the child, as well as the parents, to find support and useful information for the stay and allow the child to live the experience in the most quietest possible way. School in paediatric ward, useful to allow the child not only to amuse himself but also to continue and increase his education, so at the time of discharge he can resume his studies at school he attended before hospitalization; and finally, teacher in pediatric is also very important because it allows to give a lot of information to doctors. For this reason health professionals should never overlook the important help the teacher can offer as a second category.
Nov 9, 2019 10:59 AM
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I know what you’re trying to say, but this is quite a convoluted way of going about saying it. What is the title of this thesis?
November 9, 2019
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