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Please, correct my mistakes. It's a marathon. Harry Potter It was a loud noise. "Ooo, Vernon, what is it" I asked my husband. Why did he take a rifle? I ran out of the room and saw a door. It laid down on the floor!! How?? What was that? Where should we hide from this?? Dudley, where are you, are you all right? There's a monster, isn't there? It could speak and it was a giant and it talked to my little Dadly! He acted like it was his home. He have made a fire, cooked sausages. And then he asked us to make him tea! Then, this Hagrid started asking Harry about his parents. We never told him about his parents. And strictly speaking, it was the smartest idea. Then, Vernon said "I forbid you to tell the boy anything", he was so brave. But, instead the giant told Harry everything and he gave him one of those letters, the one we tried to get rid of. He persuaded Harry that he would go to this school. Ha! It will never happen! We talked with Vernon about it million of times. We will not pay for this rubbish, and swore we’d stamp it out of him! I never wanted to think of my sister and her family. I never wanted to to be related with something like that! I hated my sister and her husband. They were freacks! But my parents always had been happy to see them and proud to have a wizard in the family. It was disgusting!! It was Lily's or her husband's fault! They got themselves blown up! And therefore we had to bring up their kid! He has to be grateful for it! My brave husband explained him that Harry belongs to Stonewall High! And after all this crazy giant man pointed his umbrella to my son! Noooo! My little Dudley!! Did he try to kill him?? What is it?? A tail?
Nov 9, 2019 5:52 PM
Nadezhda Shpak
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