can someone improve my comment because of the spelling? ,,Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn“ (Robert Kiyosaki) In this comment I would like to discuss the question whether to try and fail, or not to try at all“ I am definitely the opinion of Robert Kiyosaki and than never try something at all. Fear is a sign that we are alive, it is not a bad thing. We have the fear of failure and we live in a world where popular culture, celebrities or public speakers say that if you chase your dreams you will achieve them. This message of chase your dreams and you will 100% get there. We will fail and failure will be an absolute component of our path to success. But when we believe, what Robert Kiyosaki said about sucess, we can’t fail. When we can’t fail, why are so many people afraid of realise their dreams? We are afraid oft the opion of other people and the fact we have to get of our comfort zone. If we we are to really succeed, if we are to really go far in life we are going to actually have to brak down these barriers and step out side of our comfort zone. In the book the 4-hour-work-week from Tim Ferris he gave the reader the task to lay down on a plublic place, where many people are. The result of the most readers, who did this was, that the majority didn’t really cared about. And the few people, who looked at them just went on. The thing is In a world in where everybody is worrying about what other people think of them, nobody cares really. We are so busy with ourself and our own problems that we don’t really care about the failure of others. We get a bad mark when we write a bad answer or a wrong solution. We learn if we have no failures it is perfect and we get a great mark. So we are afraid to fail and actually never begin to try it. But this is wrong we have to learn again that failures are good. We can’t learn without them. If we do everything right in our entire life we would never be hurt or even feel the sense of the down. Is this the right way to live a life ? No, definitely not. We will never increase and make the best of our self. When we risk something we can feel this great sense of liberation, that fills us. All in all, if you don’t want to regret something in your deathbed you have to leave your comfort zone, because life begins at the end oft this zone. You also have to give no attention what other people say and understand, that failure is nothing bad, you can only learn something. So let’s reach your goals and overcome te fear of failure!
Nov 10, 2019 11:19 AM
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The thought in your passage makes sense to me. It is a little long though, and probably probably better suited for review in the "notebooks" section of italki. There are a few spelling errors, but I believe you could quickly correct those with spell-check. Ich habe in der Vergangenheit in Deutschland gelebt und gearbeitet. Ich hoffe später ... nachdem ich meine Spanischkenntnisse verbessert habe ... wieder Deutsch zu lernen. Ich mag die Kultur und die Menschen in Deutschland.
November 10, 2019
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