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존심하다는 정확히 무슨 뜻 입니까? '존심하다' means 'to take to heart' or 'bear [keep] in mind' according to Naver. So how would you translate this line: "존심 상해서 잠수타고 여기로 왔네" ? Also, what does '상하다' mean in this line? According to Naver, 상하다 has three meanings: 깨어지다, 썩다 and 여위다. Finally, what does '잠수타고' mean? Maybe '잠시 쉬다고?' This line is from the film '리틀포레스트' (2018)
Nov 11, 2019 3:50 AM
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'존심' is a slang and it is short for '자존심' which means 'one's pride'. '자존심(이) 상하다' means 'someone's pride gets hurt'. '잠수타다' is also a slang meaning 'to keep out of touch from other people'. '잠수' means 'going underwater'. So '잠수타다' would be like 'to go off the grid'. '존심 상해서 잠수타고 여기로 왔네' means "I guess you came here because someone hurt your pride and went off the grid." Hope it helps and please follow me at koreanclass.canada on Instagram!
November 11, 2019
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