what does "shade"here mean? The alarm clock had not gone off at seven as it should. Mrs. Walpole heard the sound of the shower upstairs and calculated rapidly; the coffee was slower than usual this morning, the boiled eggs a shade too soft. She had only had time to pour herself a glass of fruit juice and no time to drink it. Someone—Judy or Jack or Mr. Walpole—was going to be late.
Nov 11, 2019 4:07 PM
Answers · 2
shade means a small percentage, we use a lot of odd words like this which include "a tad" "a bit" "a shade"
November 11, 2019
Here it means “a little”, like “the boiled eggs a little too soft”. You could also say “a touch too soft” or “a tad too soft” as well, they all mean the same thing.
November 11, 2019
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