bring wind chills sub zero? This is NBC Nightly News and since they are auto subtitles it might be incorrect. As we head into Tuesday morning, low temperatures combined with winds which are really going to be kicking up at that point in gusty to 40 miles per hour or more, bring the wind chills Sub Zero in Madison to single digits in places like Indianapolis Sioux City feeling like one degree, and as we roll into Tuesday and Wednesday as well 41 million people impacted by winter weather advisories watches and warnings, and inland sections of New England could see up to a foot of snow before it's all done. Here, what does “bring the wind chills sub zero in Madison to single digits” mean? And is the wind chills a noun phrase? and is Sub Zero an adverb? 2. impacted <- is this a verb? or a past participle? Thank you.
Nov 12, 2019 7:37 AM
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The auto subtitles aren't quite right. But it seems to be saying that the wind chill in Madison will be below 0F in Madison, 1-9F in Indianapolis, and 1F in Sioux City. 41 million will be impacted by winter weather advisories, watches, and warnings. (The government issues three different levels of warning, and one of those will affect 41 million people)
November 12, 2019
It definitely has a little improper grammar. Probably more of it is from errors in the auto subtitles. Some of it is probably the differenceof how we speak from how we would write. First is wind chill means the way the air feels when it is cold out and there is wind. What happens is the wind causes the cold air to remove heat from your skin faster and makes it feel like the temperature is colder than it really is. The effect can be measured and reported. It’s is called the wind chill, but the news often reports is as the temperature it feels like. Here’s the whole harder part: “ bring the wind chills Sub Zero in Madison to single digits in places like Indianapolis Sioux City feeling like one degree” Bring the wind chills sub zero in Madison means the predicting wind chill temperature will be below zero in Madison. The “to ...” part just means they are moving on and referring to other cities. Single digits means temperatures from 0 to 9 degrees. It goes on to give examples to back up the single digits by saying that Indianapolis and Sioux City will feel like, or have a wind chill of 1 degree. Keep in mind these are Fahrenheit temperatures. Zero Fahrenheit is around -18 Celsius. Wind chill I don’t think is considered a noun phrase but rather a compound word. It’s basically similar. The two words are treated as one noun. Sub-zero acts as an adjective there describing the noun “wind chill”. Impacted is a verb there, the past tense of impact. The people were impacted by the winter weather advisories.
November 12, 2019
Wind chill = the amount of heat you perceive your body to loose because of the chilling of the wind. The ambient temperature may be 36 C for example but the wind will reduce the temperature you fell to be less the 10 centigrade. Wind chill I would say is a noun phrase. Sub zero I would say is an adverb. Adverb: a word or phrase that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group, expressing a relation of place, time, circumstance, manner, cause, degree, etc. (e.g., gently, quite, then, there). Impacted is a past particle it means for you context the citizens were and have been impacted since the bad weather hit. Impact is both a noun and a verb. I think their may be disagreements as to what it is in your context. I Would say a verb it had a strong impact on the citizens of Madison.
November 12, 2019
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