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5+1 grammatical questions need your help! (Easy to read and answer) 〇〇〇 is used to replace the product name in the sentences below. 〇〇〇 is a dental software system (or healthcare information system). 1. 〇〇〇: : An exclusive dental software system for Malaysia. Question: Which one is correct/suitable to use? (A)Malaysia (B)Malaysians (C)Malaysian dentistry. (D) Any suggestions, please let know. 2. The polished graphic interface is designed based on the medical procedure which makes the system simple and intuitive to operate. Question: Which one is correct? (A) to operate. (B)to operate with. 3. The Three Guarantees of 〇〇〇 Question: Which one is much suitable to use? (A) The Three Guarantees... (B) The Three Assurances... (C) Any suggestions, please let know. 4. Guaranteed data security Question: Which one is correct to use? (A) Guaranteed... (B) Guarantee... 5. Serve by the professional team Question: Which one is correct to use? (A) Serve by... (B) Served by... 6. (Optional!) Would be grateful if you can help with modifying the paragraph below - grammar-wise or wording. Thank you so much! The dental software system - 〇〇〇 is certainly great news to dentistry. You will be getting knowing your patients better which helps enhance the communications between you and your patients. It’s time for you to focus on your practice, let 〇〇〇 take care of the rest! Thank you again for the help!
Nov 12, 2019 4:40 PM
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Yeah, I should get someone to do it. Yet, the request from my boss caught me off guard, couldn't book a course on italki in time or even hire somebody to work on this. Anyways, the questions have been solved.
November 13, 2019
This looks like you’re trying to create a product sales brochure or similar. If you want editing help with something like this you should probably hire someone. That’s just my opinion, maybe someone else will choose to answer.
November 12, 2019
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