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Kanji related : 真 真つ白な嘘 : little white lies That's the title of a text I'm studying, and I don't get why the first kanji is translated by "little" because when I look online I see that this kanji usually means : true, reality.
Nov 13, 2019 10:44 AM
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I found out this from the site AkIさん mentioned. Here is the sentence from the site. 「White lie(真っ白な嘘)」という言い方があるそうで、これは罪のない嘘のことだそうだ。 So, "真っ白な嘘" means "little white lie" in the case of Murakami Haruki's text. Here is the meaning of "little white lie" on the dictionary. Here is the meaning of "white lie" on the dictionary.     vs. A literal translation: 真っ白な = truly white(pure white) 嘘 = lie *Generally, we say "たわいないうそ/罪のないうそ" instead of "真っ白な嘘".
November 14, 2019
真つ白な嘘 est un nouveau mot japonais traduit du mot anglais «little white lies». Alors pourquoi est-il 真つ白な嘘? Vous vous demandez s'il doit être 小さな白い嘘. 真つ白な嘘 is a new Japanese word translated from the English word, "little white lies". Then why is it 真っ白な嘘? You are wondering if it should be 小さな白い嘘. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Il n’existe pas de phrase telle que "真っ白な嘘" en japonais alors que il y a une phrase populaire, "真っ赤な嘘(un mensonge rouge)", qui veut dire "un mensonge total". Alors pourquoi Haruki Murakami a-t-il nommé son essai "真っ白な嘘"? C'est parce qu'il voulait attirer l'attention des lecteurs. Les lecteurs qui regardent le titre se demanderont "Qu'est-ce que le 真っ白な嘘?. Ne devrait-il pas être 真っ赤な嘘?" et commenceront à le lire. Haruki Murakami est un écrivain célèbre et un traducteur de littérature américaine. Je suis sûr qu'il est tombé sur le mot anglais "little white lies", puis l'a traduit en un nouveau mot japonais, "真っ白な嘘". ------------------------------------------------------------------ There is no such phrase like "真っ白な嘘" in Japanese language, while we have a popular phrase "真っ赤な嘘”, which means "a total lie". Then why did Haruki Murakami name his essay "真っ白な嘘" ? Say, it is because he wants to draw the readers' attention. The readers, looking at the title, will wonder "What is the 真っ白な嘘?. Shouldn't it be 真っ赤な嘘? " and begin reading it. Haruki Murakami is a famous writer as well as a translator of American literature. I am sure he come upon the English word "little white lies" then he translated into a new Japanese word ,"真っ白な嘘".
November 14, 2019
November 15, 2019
Sounds strange. Did you get this word from an educational text book? In Japan, lies must be in red not white. We usually say: 「真っ赤な嘘 (まっかなうそ)」 Also 真 (しん・まこと・ま)means truth or extremely not little or small. 不思議ちゃんな日本語〜♪
November 15, 2019
De Murakami Haruki, dans le livre read Real Japanese
November 13, 2019
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