Ellen's show (Actor Noah Jupe Jogs Ellen's Memory of Their First Interaction) Hi i am trying to understand the transcript of ellen's show here are some lines I don't understand. please help~ I would paste the link and the line and the time below 00:45 and I think we were walking to crafty or something. 01:43 And that was bits that were missed out. 01:45 So it's loosely based on his life. 02:51 I'm happy you're getting something out of my tears.
Nov 13, 2019 2:40 PM
Answers · 4
"walking to crafty" - A film set has "craft services" which people sometimes call "crafty". It's the place where they have food and coffee. Anyone on the set can go there for a little break and a snack. "there was bits that were missed out" = There were little things that were not included in the story. The word "bits" means little tiny things. "loosely based" - Means the story isn't exactly accurate. This is a common phrase when talking about movies. Writers will take a real story and then change certain things to make the story more interesting or exciting, but because they do this they can no longer say it's a true story, so they say it's "loosely based" on a true story. "happy you're getting something out of my tears" - He made a good joke. Ellen is saying all kinds of nice things about the movie and she seems really impressed with his acting. She compliments him on how well he cried during a scene. But from the actors perspective you shouldn't be watching him and thinking that "wow he is acting really well in this scene, look at those tears". An actor would prefer that you feel the emotions of the character he is portraying and not the skill of the actor.
November 13, 2019
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