"Stiffness of one's shoes" Hi! Can someone please tell me, how can I translate разносить туфли into English? My dictionary says that you can say "to wear off the stiffness of one's shoes" but it's rather a mouthful, and I refuse to believe you can't say it in a normal way. I mean, you do have this concept too, don't you? Sometimes a new pair of shoes doesn't fit your feet in a perfect way, so you just have to tolerate a few days of torture wearing them, and after that everything is alright. So, what do you call this process, what is it called that you do in these few days? Sorry if it's not clear what I mean, but I really don't know how to phrase it properly...
Nov 15, 2019 5:49 PM
Answers · 5
I think that 'to break in (new shoes)' is what you're looking for.
November 15, 2019
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