loss of one’s perspectival bearing Does "increasing the loss of one’s perspectival bearing" is the following descriptionmean "viewer will be able to see less amount of things" or "the viewer will have a feeling of being lost", or both of them simultaneously? Description: These themes of entrapment and escape are expanded in Louis Bourgeois's Cell series in which fragmented body forms, both solid and entropic, are placed in psychically charged scenarios behind doors and screens that lean against one another to form makeshift rooms, the gaps and hinges between the screens allowing viewers to catch only glimpses of the interior. Complete access being denied, the already fragmented forms are further fractured by the viewer’s partial perspective, a fracturing that is often repeated and echoed in the sometimes mirrored forms contained in the cell spaces, thereby increasing the loss of one’s perspectival bearing in relation to them.
Nov 16, 2019 4:53 AM
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