Irina Belaya
Could you check my translation into English please? Does it sound natural? The first new introduced product was video game subscription service Apple Arcade. We have already known about it since WWDC 19, but it will start working a bit later. It was quite unexpectedly to see Konami representatives who showed arcade adventure game about a frog. It is not even New Super Mario. After that Capcom and Annaopurna representatives showed their games for Apple Arcade. Nothing impressive and interesting, especially considering that everyone came here to see new iPhone models. The service is launching on September 19th in 150 countries. At the start games catalogue will include about 100 apps. The Price is $4.99 for USA. The first month is free. The second introduced product was another service which was known since WWDC 19.Apple TV+ is primarily focused on English-speaking users. Apple representatives showed several shows and TV series with celebrities who are waiting for subscribers. The service is launching on November 1st in 100 countries. Any new purchases of an iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple TV will come with a free year of Apple TV. The Price is $4.99 per month for USA. At start only 4 TV series will be available, the rest will be added during the next year. The first new "metal" product at the presentation was a new 10.2-inch Apple tablet. The most interesting innovation was receiver case and metal elements, which were manufactured with 100% recycled aluminum. The price for basic Wi-Fi model is about $439.99. Full LTE package will cost about $610.99. Preliminary order is available now, the new iPad 7 is releasing on September 30th.
Nov 17, 2019 9:09 PM
Irina Belaya
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