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how mony letters in chinese language ?
Feb 18, 2008 2:36 PM
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There are no letters. There are characters. However, if you take the pinyin of those characters there's a limited amount of possible combinations. Those are multiplied by 4 because of the 4 tones. Here's a list of all combinations:
February 18, 2008
声母21个 b [p] p [p'] m [m] f [f] d [t] t [t'] n [n] l [l] z [ts] c [ts'] s [s] zh [tʂ] ch [tʂ'] sh [ʂ] r [ʐ] j [tɕ] q [tɕ'] x [ɕ] g [k] k [k'] h [x] 韵母39个 i u ü a ia ua o uo e ê ie üe (s-)i, (sh-)i er ai uai ei uei ao iao ou iou an ian uan üan en in uen ün ang iang uang eng ing ueng ong iong
February 27, 2008
23个声母,24个韵母 但是这些只是汉字的发音,汉字本身不是像英语那样用字母组成的。 每个汉字都是个独立的。
February 19, 2008
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