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Sang-hyuck Nam
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August 19th 2020? - The way to say dates I understand that we can write dates in some ways like - August 19, 2020 - Or 19 August 2020. But my question is "Can we say date the ordinal numbers as well like August 19th, 2020?". Is it correct to write it like that? If yes, when is it used? Thanks
Aug 19, 2020 8:28 AM
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US - (everywhere else in the world is different) We say (not write, but say) the date as "August nineteenth twentytwenty" or "August nineteenth two-thousand twenty." (next year, we might also say "August nineteenth twenty-one" as well as the above options). We can also say "eight nineteen twenty." or "eight one nine two oh" or "oh eight one nine two oh."
August 19, 2020
Hi Sang-hyuck ~ Yes, you can write it exactly like that, particularly if you are writing an invitation or using it in a letter or email or some form of communication where you want what you are writing to sound the same as if you were speaking. For example: "Please join us for the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of the opening of The Patch Food Cooperative. The Celebration begins at 10:00 am on August 19th, 2020 in The Conservatory at . . . . "
August 19, 2020
still reading the dates in wrong way sometimes but it's okay 🧐
September 2, 2020
Thank you! I get in better now!
August 20, 2020
- 08/20/2020 (American) - 20/08/2020 (everywhere else, as far as I know) - 20/08/20 (quite common) - August 20th 2020 (very common) - August the 20th 2020 (also common) - 20th August 2020 (quite common) - 20th of August 2020 (also quite common) It's a stylistic choice. On forms or in emails I would usually use the shorthand dd/mm/yyyy, personally. On the top of a letter I would use the longer version, but in the top of an invoice I might use the shorthand. It depends on my mood, the style of the writing I'm doing, any style guide that I'm adhering to, etc.
August 19, 2020
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