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gardening publicity Hello, everyone! What is the meaning of 'garNering publicity'? "The courteous smile of an author selling books, signing copies or chatting on television shows can be deceptive. Behind the scenes of the book tour that has become as much a part of the modern bestseller as print and paper, the writer may be a contender for a Golden Dartboard Award. This is the Oscar for authors allegedly behaving badly, an informal award nominated by the weary, sometimes traumatized , publicists who travel from city to city garnering publicity and sales. They call themselves ‘babysitters’ as they tend to the fragile egos and 21_____________ demands of authors."
19. Aug 2020 08:43
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You have a typo, it's "garnering" publicity, not "gardening". It means to collect, or put effort into accumulating: In this case they are trying to generate publicity for the authors and their books. The publisher's job is to bring attention to the author/book so that more people will know about the book and buy it.
19. August 2020
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